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Published: 2019-09-09 at 08:19
Toni Kliškić
Applications for the Master of...

Applications for the Master of European Studies for academic year 2019/2020 at the Faculty of Political Science University of Zagreb will be accepted on 19 and 20 September 2019. Classes are due to start in October 2019.



The program is intended for students from Croatia and abroad, specifically recent graduates in the field of social sciences and public administration experts involved in European affairs. The choice of English as the program’s teaching language has a dual goal: to attract international students and to prepare Croatian students for challenges of their profession in an international environment.

The curriculum is designed as a program with three main disciplines that make typical teaching subjects at European universities, specifically political science, economics and law. In addition to the subjects from the core of the curriculum, there are elective courses that will enable student specialization. It is worth noting that interdisciplinary approach has been highly appreciated and therefore widely applied both to the design and to the implementation of the curriculum we are offering. Consequently, graduates will be able to evaluate and critically think of complex problems that cross the boundaries of traditional disciplines, which is necessary for a thorough understanding of the European integration process and the institutional dynamics of the European Union.

Study program for the academic year 2019/2020



After graduation students:

  • will have broadened and improved their previously acquired undergraduate study knowledge and understanding, which will provide the basis or possibility for their originality in the development and / or their application of ideas in the context of scientific research in the areas of European law, Europeanpolicyand European economy;
  • will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding as well as the ability to solve problems in new and unknown situations in a wider context within the field of European Studies;
  • will be able to integrate knowledge and solve complextasks, andformulateopinions on the basis of partial or limited information, in a way that includes reflection on social and ethical responsibilities that are related to the application of their knowledge and judgment;
  • will be able to communicate their conclusions, as well as the knowledge and the reasons on which they are based, to specialists and non-specialists, in a clear and unambiguous manner;
  • will have developed the ability to learn, which will enable them to continue their studies in a largely self-directed or autonomous way.


After completing the studies, students who have obtained their master’s degree in European Studies will be qualified, inter alia, for:

  • policy formulation in state and regional bodies;
  • work at higher levels of national public administration;
  • work in European institutions;
  • project management in non-governmental organizations, trade unions, public services and the private sector;
  • work innational, European and international consulting houses;
  • work innational, European and international lobbying organizations;
  • work inresearch organizations for European affairs;
  • European education and vocational training;
  • collateral services, e.g. journalism, tourism industry, etc. .;
  • positions in diplomacy.



Applications for the Master of European Studies for academic year 2019/2020 at the Faculty of Political Science University of Zagreb will be accepted on 19 and 20 September 2019. Enrollment forms are available here. Please submit the filled forms at the Faculty Secretariat (Tajništvo) along with the necessary documents stated in the application form. Forms and documents can also be submitted by post at the following address: Faculty of Political Sciences, Lepušićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, with the annotation: for the Master of European Studies.


The preliminary results of the selection of candidates will be announced on the web site and at the Faculty on 23 September 2019.

Appeals will be accepted in written form at the Faculty Secretariat within 24 hours from the publication of results. The final ranking of candidates and list of those accepted to the program will be announced immediately upon the completion of the appeals procedure.

The enrollment will take place on 25 September 2019 2-3pm at the Faculty Secretariat.

The candidates who were accepted to the program, but have not enrolled, will lose their place in the program.


The program duration is 2 semesters. All teaching is delivered in English and students are expected to write their Master’s thesis in English.

The program awards a total credit of 60 ECTS.

The total tuition fee: 15.000 HRK (7.500 HRK per semester) with enrollment fee of 450,00 HRK.


Enrollment Requirements:

  • 4 -year B.A. degree in social sciences or humanities 
  • Proficiency in English

Documents to be submitted:

  • Brief Cover Letter
  • CV in English
  • Certified copy of a diploma (Validated by the University of Zagreb).  We accept applications with confirmation issued by the Ured za akademsko priznavanje inozemskih visokoškolskih kvalifikacija Sveučilišta u Zagrebu (Office for academic recognition of foreign higher education qualifications of the University of Zagreb), that the request for the recognition of diploma was submitted by the student.
  • Grade transcript
  • Contact details of the candidate (telephone number and e-mail)


For information please contact Zlatan Krajina, Ph.D., vice-dean for Science and International Cooperation at

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