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Political Science

60 ECTS points are allocated to the graduate programme of political science which lasts one year. Upon completion of the one-year graduate programme of political science, Masters of Arts in political science are qualified for work in all academic institutes in the field of social sciences and humanities, for the analytical work of following the process of the development of political institutions such as parties, state and administrative bodies, for the analysis of particular policies and their influence on the overall social situation, as well as for creating public opinion.

Students choose one of the 7 offered major fields of study which is then listed in the diploma supplement: International Relations, Croatian Political System, Political Communication, European Studies: Croatia and Europe, Political Theory, Public Policy, Management and Development and National Security.

All courses are worth 7 ECTS credit points, whereas the thesis work is worth 18 ECTS credit points.

In order to graduate, students are required to pass all exams, complete their study obligations, submit and publicly defend their master thesis and take a public graduate examination in accordance with the study programme.

All questions concerning graduate assignments, master theses and exams are dealt with individually in agreement with a particular mentor and course coordinator.