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Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University is the oldest political science research institution in this part of Europe and the only programme of political science in Croatia. The quality of research at the Faculty is demonstrated by increasing positive research evaluations and increasing number of national research and EU funded R&D projects.

High-quality research requires excellent researchers. This is why at the Faculty of political researchers are supported to develop new research lines that contribute in creating knowledge needed in addressing  challenges current and future societies face, such as:

  • research and analyses of public policy and decision making processes in the context of Europeanization, transparency and effectiveness of public policies and its implementation

  • research and analyses of integration and disintegration processes in South Eastern Europe: historical background and current integration process towards EU with focus on aspects of security, human security and peace development

  • research and analysis of developments and policies related to the national political system, political parties and political culture

  • research and analyses of media and the role of media in the political system and public communication in the modern Croatian and European society



The main goal of the RO is 1) to give room and support to faculty researchers to develop new and relevant research lines and to strengthen social and policy innovation capacities and 2) to create an enabling environment and support system for the transfer of knowledge and research results towards society.

Specifically, RO is providing various services towards the faculty researchers:

INFORMATION- the RO constantly monitors current developments in research and innovation at national, regional and European level and informs researchers of the Faculty of political science on cooperation and funding opportunities.

PARTICIPATION- the RO supports researchers of the Faculty of political science in engaging and cooperating with other researchers, institutions and non-academic stakeholders and eventually in formulating and creating new and innovative research lines and R&D projects relevant for the European Research Area.

INTEGRATION – the RO supports researchers in networking and creating ‘multi-sector cooperation’ between academia and public, private and civic sector that enables an integrated approach for addressing and solving societal challenges.

VISIBILITY – the RO assists faculty researchers in presenting and disseminating research results and innovative and novel research ideas. The RO constantly raises awareness and capacities of social scientists at the University of Zagreb to contribute to the creation of modern social science at the University that includes teaching, research, knowledge transfer and close collaboration with societal stakeholders.





Miroslav Petrović (

Research Office – Faculty of Political Science- University of Zagreb

Lepušićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Igor Kanižaj, PhD (assistant professor) (

Vice-dean for research and international cooperation

Lepušićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia