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Making the EU attractive for primary school pupils: development of non-formal learning approaches



Education, Lifelong learning, non-formal learning


Slovenia, Croatia 

Cost (EUR)    

8.000,00 EUR


EACEA – Life Long Learning programme 

Role in the action     

Project partner


01/09/2013 – 31/08/2014


Objectives and results of the action    

The aim of the project is to develop and apply non-formal learning approaches for teaching the EU in primary schools in Slovenia and to transfer these practices to Croatia. The main objective of the project is to improve knowledge on European integration and develop positive attitude towards European Union not just between Slovenian pupils, but also Croatian pupils.

1) Continuing training and educating teachers of primary schools and representatives of Youth Centres about Europe by providing them with new knowledge about EU and keeping their knowledge about EU up-to-date
2) In coordination with Slovenian and Croatian teachers, representatives of Youth centres and pupils, to develop interesting and innovative didactic methods for non-formal learning of EU topics
3) Providing workshops and events that will provide synergy of skills and knowledge as well as positive attitudes towards EU for primary school pupils
4) Dissemination of the project results to the widest possible interested and general public