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International Organizations / e- course
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World politics in the 21st century continues to be shaped by geat powers such as the United States, Russia Federation, China, yet even great powers , let alone most other states, are constrained in their action by international organizations with either global or regional reach. This organizations include, among others, he United Nations and its Specialized Agencies (for example, the International Labour Organization), its international financial institutions (World Bank, International Monetary Fund) and related organizations like the World Trade Organization and the European Union, NATO. Both , the end of the Cold War and the continuing process of globalization, have unleashed challenges which states cannot cope with unilaterally or through ad hoc cooperation. For this reason, institutions for global governance or for political integration at the regional level have been created by sovereign states, with a view to safeguarding or improving their capacity for providing the collective goods on which their societies depend for their security, welfare and freedom.
  1. A. LeRoy bennett James K. Oliver; International Organizations; Pearson Education, Inc. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey (2002)
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