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Objavljeno: 30. 1. 2017. u 20:38
Dejan Jović

Politics and Society in Southeast Europe


Colloquium grades


In total, 38 students attended the Compulsory Written Colloquium in Politics and Southeast Europe on 18 January 2017. They achieved the following grades:


Excellent (5): (7 students in total)

Francesca Barbino, Barbara Kotlar, Niccolo Minotti, Alina Aftene, Leon Cvrtila, Ivana Geto and Tonči Bistričić.


Very good (4): (21 student)

Ariana Kostić, Zvonimir Magdić, Vitomir Međimurec, Silvia Trevisani, Anna Krogulec, Yevhen Kliukin, Hanan Nanić, Leonard Eldić, Anita Juričan, Gentiana Fana, Marina Fabriš, Tomislav Vidović, Antonio Pavlović, Adriana Karas, Antonio Božić, Maik Paap, Dominik Sedlitzky, Martina Andričić, Dominik Gluhak, Giorgi Gogoladze and Indre Jankauskaite.


Good (3): (9 students)

Tea Kodrnja, Helena Gates, Mislav Indir, Mladen Ferk, Minea Tatić, Marin Ćurić, Akvile Gadrute, Adriana Jozić and Kristina Aerlić.


Fail (1): (1 student)

Antonella Arcoverde Gobbo.


Oral exams for those students who have registered online for this exam period will be held on Wednesday, 1 February 2017, from 9 am onwards (most likely until 2 pm, with some shorter breaks at some point in between). No need to register for exact time of exam, but please note that I examine in groups of four students – and that each group is likely to be in exam for between 30 and 40 minutes. This is just to enable you to plan your time better on Wednesday.


Prof. Dr. Dejan Jović


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