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Ovaj predmet nije moguće upisati.
Objavljeno: 16. 5. 2016. u 13:03
Zrinjka Peruško


dear students,

for those of you who did not take the midterm exam in March, it will be possible to write the make-up exam this Wednesday at 3 PM, so please show up. This is the last chance to get the points in this category. 

the option is open only to those who did not write the exam, and not to those who are unhappy with their points.

the same time (i.e. 3 PM) slot will also be the opportunity for those who have not finished their coding and cleaning of the data-base to do that, with the help of Antonija Čuvalo, so please show up if you need to. 

kind regards Zrinjka Peruško

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