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Objavljeno: 9. 4. 2018. u 15:34
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Đana Luša
Call for papers International...

The overarching theme of the Conference is “Utilizing Big Data and the Social and Policy Sciences”. The phenomenon of digital connectivity is increasingly transforming the way humans interact and seal with problems of collective action. Such a paradigmatic change is expanding the frontiers of research in terms of theories, methods and analysis. Considering this context, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, faculty from Mississippi State University, George Mason University, the University of Split and the University of Applied Sciences Vern at Zagreb will lead a week-long conference on Big Data and Social Sciences.

Deadline for the application is 7th May 2018. Depending on the panel you are applying to, please contact or

Please see the conference description, information on registration fee and programme at /_news/63123/Program_Big Data Split and Vis 2018_10_4(1).pdf and /_news/63123/call_for_papers_conference_big_data_final.pdf

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