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izv. prof. dr. sc. Nebojša Blanuša
Title:Associate Professor
Function:Head of Department for Croatian Politics
Internal phone number:2009
E-mail: E-mail
Department : Fakultet političkih znanosti
Graduation year:1999 graduation year:2004
PhD graduation year:2009
Employed in this institution since:2000

Teaching duties

university undergraduate

university graduate

Published papers recorded in the Croatian Scientific Bibliography Database (CROSBI)
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List of select publications

Monographies and edited volumes:

2011: Teorije zavjera i hrvatska politička zbilja 1980 – 2007. Zagreb: Plejada / Conspiracy Theories and Croatian political reality 1980 – 2007.

2016: co-editorship of the book with Zlatan Krajina: EU, Europe Unfinished Europe and the Balkans in a Time of Crisis. London & New York: Rowman & Littlefield International.

2017: editorship of the special issue of the Croatian Political Science Review Faces of Cultural Trauma (Vol. 54: 1-2)


Selected book chapters:

2016:   Can Western Europe Be at Home in the Balkans? Coautorship with Slavenka Drakulić, David Morley and Zlatan Krajina. In Zlatan Krajina & Nebojša Blanuša (eds.) EU, Europe Unfinished Europe and the Balkans in a Time of Crisis. London & New York: Rowman & Littlefield International: 217 – 237.

2015:   Croatia between the “return” to Europe and the “remaining” in the Balkans. In Pero Maldini and Davor Pauković (eds.) Croatia and the European Union. Farnham: Ashgate: 62-92.

2015:   Crypts and Phantoms of Croatian War Film. In Zoran Kurelić (ed.) Violence, Art and Politics. Zagreb: Faculty of Political Science.


Selected journal articles:

2017:   Trauma and Taboo: Forbidden political Questions in Croatia. Croatian Political Science Review. 54:1-2: 170-196.

2015:   Political Cynicism and Kynicism of Croatian Citizens. Profiles of Political Thinking            and Behavior. European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities. 4:3, 1-29.

2014: Political Unconscious of Croatia and the EU: tracing the Yugoslav syndrome through Fredric Jameson's lenses. Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies. 16:2, 196 – 222.

2013: Internal memory divided: Conspiratorial thinking, ideological and historical cleavages in Croatia – lessons for Europe. European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities. 2:4.

2011:   Depathologized Conspiracy Theories and Cynical Reason: Discursive Positions and Phantasmatic Structures. Politička misao, (48) 1: 94-107.