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Đana Luša

The Ministry of Education of Republic of China (Taiwan) offers 5 scholarships to Austrian, Slovenian and Croatian students for the academic year 2018/19. The scholarship is intended to encourage the study of degree programs, which are taught in English.

Application deadline: April 30, 2018

Scholarship value:

o Each scholarship will cover the tuition fees up to NTD 40.000 for one academic semester (everything above has to be covered by the recipient; part-time jobs are allowed; some universities provide additional tuition support)

o Flight tickets, health insurances as well as administration fees, thesis advising fees, insurance premiums, accommodation and Internet access, etc. are not paid additionally

o Monthly subsistence allowance (Undergraduate study: NTD 15.000/~ 423€; Postgraduate study: NTD 20.000/~ 564€)

Scholarship period and duration (First study year: Sept. 1, 2018 through Aug. 31, 2019):

Students finishing the first year of study with success are eligible to reapply at the Taiwanese university in order to receive the scholarship for the following year.

☆Max. Duration for BA and PhD-students: 4 years ☆Max. Duration for MA-students: 2 years

☆Max. scholarship promotion: 5 years (e.g. BA and then MA-studies or MA and then PhD-studies will be sponsored for a maximum of 5 years)

Requirements for qualification:

o Austrian, Slovenian or Croatian citizenship

o General qualification for university entrance

o Students who already received a scholarship from the TW government or any educ. institution in TW for the study year 2018/19, as well as students currently studying in TW are not eligible to apply for the same or lower academic degree

o Students who are part of a student’s exchange-program in the academic year 2018/19 are not eligible

o For further details and regulations also concerning overseas students please refer to the “Introduction to the Taiwan Scholarship Program” ( or

Application documents: Ø Completed application form ( or

Ø Copy of passport and proof of citizenship (if feasible)

Ø Photocopy of proof of general qualification for university entrance or original official diploma or proof of previous study success (highest academic degree) à Authentication in English

Ø Two letters of recommendation (signed and sealed in envelopes). Photocopies and email submissions of letters of recommendation will not be considered.

Ø Study plan written in English, German or Chinese

Ø Proof of language proficiency: Chinese programs: A copy of result or certificate of the “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language” Band B, information about TOCFL:, English programs: English language proficiency certificate or certified copy of diploma from a university in an English-speaking country

Ø Photocopy of a completed application form of preferred Taiwanese university and copies of admission application materials to universities/colleges in Taiwan (Please be aware of different application deadlines and possible entrance examinations: Please apply at more universities to definitely receive an admission letter)

Place of submission:

Slovenia Dr. Saša Istenič, Faculty of Arts/ Department of Asian & African Studies, Ljubljana University / Askerceva 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Austria OeAD / Dr. Lydia Skarits, Ebendorferstraße 7 1010 Vienna, Austria Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Wagramer Str. 19/11 OG, 1220 Vienna, Austria


Prof. Zeljka Pitner, the Office of International Relations, University of

Zagreb, Trg maršala Tita 14, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA

Application deadline: April 30, 2018


After successful submission of application materials, applicants have to do an interview between May 14-16, 2018 (personally or via Skype) with the education division in Austria. The list of candidates will be published on May 30, 2018. Candidates are required to submit admission letters issued by the preferred Taiwanese universities together with the original, signed copy of the “Taiwan scholarship terms of agreement” to the Education Division in Vienna by June 20, 2018.

For more information please consult with

² Education Division, Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Vienna

Tel.: +43/1/212 4720 88; Fax: +43/1/512 6083; Web:, E-Mail:

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