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Start of winter semester: first week of October

Start of summer semester: end of February


Orientation period: one week before the start of the semester

All incoming students are required to attend ‘Welcome Day’ at the Faculty of Political Science, which is organized during the orientation period.


The University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Political Science takes part in several exchange programmes like Erasmus+, CEEPUS and Erasmus Mundus. If you are interested in participating in a student exchange at the Faculty of Political Science, you should start by contacting the International Office at your home university. You can apply to the Faculty of Political Science as an exchange student if there is a valid student exchange agreement between your home university and the University of Zagreb, and if you have been nominated by your home university.

We currently have around 50 Erasmus partner universities, and we actively participate in Europe from the Visegrad Perspective CEEPUS network. A list of our partner institutions can be found here . The list does not include numerous bilateral agreements signed at the university level.



Nominations are sent to the University of Zagreb (, not to the Faculty of Political Science. After you have been nominated by your home university, you must apply online on the University of Zagreb website.

The documents you need to enclose in your application form are:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (Croatian or English),
  2. the Learning Agreement,
  3. Grade Transcript
  4. Certificate of Enrolment,
  5. Copy of ID card (both sides) / Passport (first page with the photo and personal data)
  6. Proof of English knowledge if you are following courses in English – B2 level (all kinds of certificates from different language schools are accepted).

Before sending the Learning Agreement to University of Zagreb we recommend contacting the Faculty of Political Science Office for International Cooperation ( so we can inform you about the courses we offer, and reserve a place for you.




The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the exchange that ensures the student receives recognition for the activities successfully completed abroad. The Learning Agreement sets out the programme of study to be followed abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending, and the receiving institution.

Incoming students can use the Learning Agreement provided by their home university, or they can use the one provided by the University of Zagreb, which can be found here.

Before the exchange it is necessary to fill in page 1 of the Learning Agreement with the student’s information, the sending and receiving Institutions. The information about the Faculty of Political Science is needed to fill in page 1 of the Learning Agreement can be found here (hyperlink na popunjeni LA).

The Learning Agreement must include all the courses the student is going to attend at the Faculty of Political Science (Table A), and it must also contain all the courses that will be replaced in his/her degree by the Sending Institution (Table B) upon the successful completion of the student exchange programme. It is necessary to fill in Tables A and B thoroughly before the exchange. Additional rows and columns can be added as needed.

Incoming students can attend up to two courses at other faculties. If you are interested in attending courses from other faculties you are going to need the Horizontal mobilitform (hyperlink na Attending courses at other faculties)

A list of all the courses in English offered by the Faculty of Political Science can be found here (hyperlink na Courses in English).

The level of language competence in the main language of instruction (English or Croatian) has to be at least B2.


International students can attend up to two courses at other faculties. Students who attend one or more courses at other faculties have to make separate learning agreements and do the following:

Before the mobility

  1. Contact the Office for International Cooperation of the University of Zagreb ( and inform them you wish to attend courses from other faculties
  2. Make a new Learning Agreement with the courses you wish to attend at the other faculty
  3. Contact the Admission Office and International Cooperation Office of the faculty in question and have them sign this new Learning Agreement
  4. Contact the professor holding the course you wish to attend and receive his/her permission to join it (some faculties do not require this step)

During the mobility

  1. Pick up the Horizontal mobility form (hyperlink na formular) at the Faculty of Political Science
  2. Fill in the Student’s information section of the form
  3. Bring it to the Admission Office of the Faculty of Political Science to have it signed and stamped
  4. Take it to the Filing Office of the Faculty of Political Science (first floor, the first door to the right)
  5. Bring the Horizontal mobility form to the course professor. He has to fill in and sign  the  section Information on the elective course on the Horizontal mobility form

After completing the course

  1. Have the grade registered and signed by the professor in the Information about the course examination section of the Horizontal mobility form
  2. Have it signed and stamped by the secondary faculty Admission Office
  3. Bring the signed and stamped Horizontal mobility form to the Faculty of Political Science Admission Office



The Faculty of Political Science offers two major fields of study at the undergraduate and graduate levels: political science and journalism. Exchange students can attend both political science and journalism courses at the undergraduate and graduate level, regardless of their field or level of study.

We offer two types of courses: regular courses and tutorial courses. Regular courses are held every week at the same time and place. They consist of an hour and a half long lecture and an hour and a half long seminar.

Tutorial courses function on the principle of private consultations with the professor. Foreign students in small groups attend lectures held in English during the lecturer and teaching assistants’ office hours. The lecturer will refer foreign students to the corresponding literature in English, as well as give them the possibility of taking the associated exams in English. Up to three foreign students can attend one tutorial course.


List of courses in English for 2017.-2018.



The following documents need to be filled out before the student’s arrival and sent to

  • Enrolment form
  • Student ID form
  • OIB
  • Learning agreement*


* if your university provides you with a different type of document, you do not need to fill out both documents. Use only the one provided by your University.


Deadline for the winter semester: 15.09.2017.

Deadline for the summer semester: 02.02.2018.


IMPORTANT: read the following instructions carefully and fill out the documents as described.

  • How to fill out the enrolment and Student ID Card form (hyperlink na pdf.)
  • How to fill out the Learning Agreement (hyperlink na potkategoriju Learning agreement)



All students need to bring 5 photos for the enrolment and other documentation  (transportation form, temporary stay permit, etc.):

  • 3 photos -  4x6 cm size
  • 2 photos - passport size



Upon arrival all exchange* students need to visit the Office for International Cooperation at the Faculty for Political Science. Students will then receive all of the information and documentation for the enrolment procedure.

* exceptions are Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus Partner Countries students, who first visit the University of Zagreb Office for International Cooperation


Only after receiving the Personal identification number (OIB) from the Office of International Cooperation, are students able to pay the enrolment fee, which can be done at any bank or post office.


Payment information:

Amount: 250, 00 HRK*

Bank account number: Zagrebačka banka – IBAN HR142360000110127644

Model: HR00

Reference number: 26 – (add your OIB number)

Description of payment: Erasmus enrollment

Recipient -address: Faculty of Political Science

                                 Lepušićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb

*liable to change

Payment slip (hyperlink na sliku)





Learning Agreement changes

The deadline for changing the Learning Agreement is 3 weeks after the start of the semester.

Students have to fill out the 'During the mobility' part of the Learning Agreement and send it to for approval and signature. Afterwards, the document needs to be signed by the sending institution and sent back to containing all three signatures (student, responsible person at the sending institution and responsible person at the receiving institution).


Intranet and exam registration

After the enrolment, a username and password will be provided to the student, which will allow access to the Intranet (course material) and Online Student Book , named 'Studomat'.

Studomat  is used for exam registration. Every student needs to register for exams, once the registration period is open (usually 10 days before the exam period). The required exam registration includes all courses and tutorials taken, also courses which do not have written exams, but have essays or oral exams.

Without the exam registration it is not possible for the student to acquire a grade for the taken course.

Check out following tutorials for help:

  • Tutorial Intranet (pdf)
  • Tutorial Studomat (pdf)



Once the grades are entered into Studomat and in the Student book (Indeks), the student can pick up their transcript of records in the Admissions office.

IMPORTANT: We do not send Transcripts of records in the mail. They can only be picked up in person.

Before leaving, the student needs to have the 'Statement of host institution – confirmation of departure' signed in the Admissions office.


All students who are enrolled at other Faculties of the University in Zagreb, are able to take courses at the Faculty of Political Science.

Interested students first need to send an inquiry to to check if the preferred course is still available. If so, students need to fill out a separate Learning Agreement with the Faculty of Political Science, have it signed by their home university and sent to

The student can then finish the enrolment procedure at the Faculty of Political Science. Documents needed for enrolment:

  • OIB - copy
  • Letter of acceptance - copy
  • passport/ or ID - copy
  • Confirmation of enrolment - copy
  • Enrolment form
  • photo
  • Learning agreement


The same exam registration rules apply for students enrolled at other Faculties. Click for more information. (link na exam registration)



The Central European Exchange Program for University Studies (CEEPUS) is an exchange academic programme that involves 16 Central-European countries, and enables students to spend a study period abroad at the partner universities.

The main CEEPUS activity is based on university networks operating joint programmes. The Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb is a part of Europe from the Visegrad Perspective network (CIII-PL-0815-04-1617). In addition to mobility inside the networks, CEEPUS also supports mobility outside CEEPUS networks, known as the freemover mobility.

Students interested in a CEEPUS mobility must apply online through the CEEPUS portal.

The application and enrolment procedure differs depending on the type and duration of mobility.

Students applying for a full semester have to follow the same procedure as Erasmus students before and during the mobility (hyperlink na Before the mobility + During the mobility). Additionally, they have to open a giro bank account (žiro račun) starting with the number 31, or a current account (tekući račun) starting with the number 32, at a Croatian bank immediately upon arriving in Zagreb. It usually takes one week after you give the account details to the host institution to receive the scholarship funds, thus we recommend that you secure sufficient funds to cover your needs for at least the first 10 days of your stay in Croatia.

The enrolment fee for a student applying for short-term mobility is 50 HRK (instead of 250HRK). A student on a short-term mobility does not receive Index (student book), only student card (iksica). Apart from these changes, they have to follow the same procedure as Erasmus students before and during the mobility. They also have to open a giro bank account (žiro račun) starting with the number 31, or a current account (tekući račun) starting with the number 32, at a Croatian bank immediately upon arriving in Zagreb.

When applying for a CEEPUS mobility, freemover students interested in studying at the Faculty of Political Science need to present two letters of recommendation written by their professors, and a letter of acceptance signed by Faculty of Political Science vice-dean for science and international cooperation. Letters of acceptance can be found here. (hyperlink na document).

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